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Have a browse through our past seminars, covering the role of investing ethically in tackling the key challenges of our time. We dig into ethical investing from a range of different perspectives, and look at investing for resilience and impact.

Making Money a Force for Good Podcast

Fri June 25th 2021

Every two weeks, join Mindful Money's CEO Barry Coates as he delves into the world of Ethical Investment. Each podcast features expert guests, cutting-edge information from the world of money, and how to make yours a force for good.

Highlights from our Seminar Series

Thu Nov. 19th 2020

In this last seminar of our 2020 series, Mindful Money’s Barry Coates pulls out some highlights from the 30 weekly seminars. He is in discussion with Vincent Heeringa, host of a great seminar series, This Climate Business.

Combating Modern Slavery in New Zealand through Investor Action

Tue Nov. 10th 2020

Around 40 million vulnerable people are exploited for profit through forms of enslavement - the vast majority of them are women and children. This seminar will look at the evidence of modern slavery in New Zealand and in supply chains of NZ companies; initiatives by government and companies; and international experience with legislation and investor action.

Sustainable Finance Forum

Thu Nov. 5th 2020

Around the world, governments are realising that it will not be possible to make real progress on Climate Change, on the SDGs and on tackling inequality unless they also transform finance. New Zealand’s Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) responds to this challenge, outlining a ‘roadmap’ towards sustainable finance.

Impact investment opportunities – the story of Ethique

Thu Oct. 29th 2020

In this discussion, Brianne West, founder and CEO of Ethique, traced her journey from her kitchen to globally-celebrated brand. At each stage, she had to reach out for financing to help her new company, Ethique, to scale up.

Mobilising Impact Investment for Social Housing

Wed Oct. 21st 2020

The seminar looked at the development of an innovative Salvation Army Community Bond for the creation of 118 secure houses for families without homes, and whether there is scope for similar impact investment partnerships to scale up funding for social housing in the future.

Overview of the 2020 Seminar Series

Wed Oct. 14th 2020

In response to the global impacts being felt by every New Zealander during the COVID-19 outbreak, Mindful Money is looking for the positive opportunities and ways that we can build back better. A big part of the solution is investing ethically and making a positive impact through our choices. There is a growing global movement to make investment a force for good, and we want to ensure New Zealand is at the forefront.

Pioneering NZ Impact Funds

Wed Oct. 14th 2020

A striking aspect of the seminar with the pioneering NZ impact funds was how different they are. It shows the range of investment approaches that are used to create impact, while earning financial returns.

Laying the foundations for Impact Investment in Aotearoa

Wed Oct. 7th 2020

In this series on Investing for Positive Impact, Mindful Money will be covering different aspects of ‘impact investing’ – investing for social and environmental good.

Corporate Conversations: Kathmandu

Wed Sept. 30th 2020

Corporate Conversations with Reuben Casey, CEO of Kathmandu and Oyvinn Rimer, Research Analyst at Harbour Asset Management.

Seminar Series: Investing for the Environment

Wed Sept. 16th 2020

Investing for the Environment with Kevin Hague, CEO of Forest & Bird and John Berry, co-Founder and CEO of Pathfinder/CareSaver, moderated by Barry Coates, CEO of Mindful Money.

Seminar Series: Māori perspectives on ethical investing

Wed Sept. 16th 2020

Māori perspectives on ethical investing with Temuera Hall, co-founder of TAHITO investment fund, in discussion with Barry Coates, CEO of Mindful Money.

Seminar Series: Taking a gender lens to ethical investing

Wed Sept. 9th 2020

Our panel includes Angela Meyer, Co-Founder and Director at Double Denim, Martin Lewington, CEO of Mercer and facilitated by Bridget Coates.

Seminar Series: Building a low emissions, resilient finance system.

Wed Sept. 2nd 2020

Barry Coates, Founder and CEO of Mindful Money speaks with Hon. James Shaw, the Minister for Climate Change, on building a low emissions, resilient finance system.

Seminar Series: Investing responsibly and acting on climate change

Wed Aug. 26th 2020

Matt Whineray, CEO New Zealand Superannuation Fund joins Barry Coates to discuss: Investing responsibly and acting on climate change.

Conference: Investing for a sustainable recovery

Wed Aug. 19th 2020

Covid can't stop us! The Mindful Money conference had to switch to online but still brought together experts to look at what is required to build a sustainable future.

Seminar Series: Building financial capability

Wed Aug. 5th 2020

Building financial capability and looking forward to Sorted Money Week with Tom Hartmann from CFFC & Sorted.

Seminar Series: Is it time to divest from alcohol?

Wed July 29th 2020

Nicki Jackson, Executive Director of Alcohol Healthwatch and David Beattie, Principal, Booster Asset Management and David (Rāwiri) Ratū, Campaigner against the continued unequal harm of alcohol on Māori, all joined Mindful Money to talk about alcohol investing.

Seminar Series: Building trust & sustainability in investment

Wed July 22nd 2020

Barry Coates, founder and CEO of Mindful Money, interviewed Rob Everett, CEO of the Financial Markets Authority. This wide-ranging interview covers trust and confidence in KiwiSaver funds and other investments, sustainability and responsible investing, future developments for the FMA, Climate-related financial disclosures and the case for changes in the corporate governance system.

Seminar Series: Beyond Divestment

Wed July 15th 2020

Beyond Divestment: How Fund Managers are engaging with companies on climate action. Andrew Bascand, Managing Director of Harbour Asset Management and Jorge Waayman, ESG Analyst.

Seminar Series: Mindful Money, one year on

Wed July 1st 2020

Barry Coates, CEO and Founder of Mindful Money, was joined by Karen Swainson, Mindful Money's Operations Manager, to review the first year of operations, and why Mindful Money's work is so important in the work towards a sustainable future.

Seminar Series: A roadmap towards sustainable finance

Wed June 24th 2020

The Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF), an initiative of the Aotearoa Circle, is preparing a roadmap towards a more sustainable finance system. The interim report has identified that the current finance system is not sustainable, equitable or fair, ad it makes the case for urgent reform. Key members of the SFF Secretariat, Pip Best and Erica Miles, discuss the challenges and ways forward identified in the interim report.

Seminar Series: The urgency of climate finance

Wed June 17th 2020

"If people take the trouble to find out about ethical and sustainable funds, using Mindful Money, they will find that they outperform conventional funds. The evidence is rock-solid." Sir Jonathon Porritt

Seminar Series: Principles for a Responsible Recovery

Wed June 10th 2020

Simon O'Connor, CEO of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA), says that it is not an exaggeration to refer to the rise of responsible investing worldwide as a revolution within the investment sector. Responsible investment is now mainstream, especially over the past 3-5 years, due to several factors, including compliance, consumers and competitive positioning.

Seminar Series: Thinking clearly about investing in a crisis

Thu June 4th 2020

Barry Coates, founder, and CEO of Mindful Money discusses with Mary Holm, personal finance journalist, what to be aware of when investing in a period of crisis.

Seminar Series: What’s ESG management and why does it make a difference?

Thu May 28th 2020

Barry Coates, founder and CEO of Mindful Money speaks with panelists Philip Houghton-Brown – Chief Investment Officer for Mercer Funds, Simon O’Grady – Chief Investment Officer for Kiwi Wealth, and Rebekah Swan – ESG Specialist at AMP Capital about the key aspects of ESG management.

Seminar Series: The role of the independent ethical financial adviser

Thu May 21st 2020

Dr. Rodger Spiller discusses the role of the independent financial adviser. Hear about the evolution of ethical investing in NZ, the role of a financial adviser, different types of ethical investing and evidence showing good financial returns from going ethical.

Seminar Series: Budget Day Panel Discussion

Thu May 14th 2020

Budget Day – does it deliver a sustainable future? We welcomed the audience to the analysis of Budget 2020, the sixth in the series of weekly seminars. The seminar was held two hours after Grant Robertson, Minister of Finance, announced the budget.

Seminar Series: An Islamic & Ethical mandate for KiwiSaver

Thu May 7th 2020

Amanah Ethical has a strict approach to investing in accordance with Islamic principles, and these are closely aligned with what most people would recognise as ethical. Their financial performance has been outstanding, the highest returns of any KiwiSaver manager over the past three months and past year. As someone on the zoom call said, who knew?

Seminar Series: How can ethical investing earn higher returns?

Thu April 30th 2020

Featuring David Beattie, Chief Investment Officer, Asset Management NZ, discussing how ethical investing can earn higher returns.

Seminar Series: KiwiSaver Disrupter - Simplicity's ethical low-fees model

Thu April 23rd 2020

Featuring Andrew Lance,Chief Investment Officer for Simplicity, discussing its ethical low fees model.

Seminar Series: How ethical should a KiwiSaver be?

Thu April 16th 2020

Online Seminar with John Berry, CEO of CareSaver on 16 April 2020

An evening with Sir Jonathon Porritt

Mon Oct. 7th 2019

Mindful Money sits down with Sir Jonathon Porritt to discuss how the movement towards sustainable finance is creating new opportunities for corporate sustainability.

Investing for Sustainability

Tue Sept. 3rd 2019

New Zealand financial industry leaders met to discuss the challenges in reorienting investment towards sustainability.