Guidance on Investing Ethically

26th July 2023

Almost all KiwiSaver and investment fund providers claim to be ethical or responsible or sustainable or ‘ESG’. This seminar unpacks what these terms mean and how you can find out the real impact of your investment. It covers the different approaches to ethical investment and whether, as is often claimed, they are good for financial returns as well as for the people and the planet. Amidst all of the claims and the greenwash, the seminar helps to identify the ethical funds with real credibility.

Mindful Money’s CEO, Barry Coates is in discussion with Moana Nottage, ESG and Sustainability Analyst for Alphinity Investment Management.

Moana has been with Alphinity for 3 years and contributes to the firm’s overall approach to responsible investment including company analysis, ESG-related engagement and thematic research. Moana is responsible for completing sustainability analysis for Alphinity’s two sustainable funds, maintaining internal datasets and liaising with the investment team on key issues and emerging topics. She also leads the data analytics for Alphinity’s annual ESG and Sustainability Report.

Barry Coates is the Founder and CEO of Mindful Money. He has been a strategy consultant; a campaigner for climate action, fair trade and sustainability; head of Oxfam Aotearoa; and a Green Party list MP.