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Your KiwiSaver fund might be invested in weapons, fossil fuels, gambling and pornography. Find out.

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You can feel good about your investments. You can do good. And you can earn good returns.

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Want your investments to earn money and align with your values? You are not alone. So do most New Zealanders. Mindful Money aims to make money a force for good. We've done the research and selected the KiwiSaver funds that are serious about investing responsibly.

It is absolutely free to you - we get fees from fund providers. If you invest via this platform, they pay us a small contribution towards the costs of promotion and this platform. But we face a shortfall until these contributions build up. We need funding to get the word out far and wide and to keep this platform a free service. Please make a donation. We're a registered charity and it's tax free.


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  • I thought I was already invested in an ethical KiwiSaver. However, Mindful Money showed me that there is a difference between what I call "responsible" investing and what the big banks do. Plus it made taking action on this information really easy.

    Tania Hack

  • I found Mindful Money a very quick and easy way to find a KiwiSaver fund that matched my needs for an ethical investment. I would highly recommend it.

    Scott Stocker

  • I found the tool to be super easy to follow and a great conversation starter for getting my friends to think about their own investment.

    Ben Mayer

  • Each person has their own priorities and that’s where I think the Mindful Money website’s pretty cool

    Mary Holm

  • This is such a great website! I switched my KiwiSaver provider - start to finish - in about 15 minutes. So easy! Make your money live your values.

    Dr Amelia Sharman

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