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Most Kiwis want to avoid weapons in their KiwiSaver or Investment funds. Here are weapons-free options.

Cut Ties With Weapons Investment

81% of Kiwis don’t want firearms, cluster bombs, nuclear weapons or other military weapons in their KiwiSaver or other investment fund. A growing number of investors recognise the massive human suffering and environmental damage that results from weapons and choose not to invest in weapons producers.

In 2016, after a public outcry, many KiwiSaver providers excluded manufacturers of cluster bombs and landmines. In the wake of the Christchurch shootings, some have excluded firearms, such as semi-automatic weapons. But these exclusions are narrowly-drawn categories. For many investors, the issue is broader. They don’t want their KiwiSaver fund to include any companies that make profits from weapons manufacturers. 

From Mindful Money's analysis of fund investments at end September 2022, $278 million of KiwiSaver money and $163 million of retail investments was invested in companies involved in the manufacture of weapons.

Although the proportion of weapons in overall investment has fallen, many investors are unwittingly investing in companies that produce nuclear weapons, firearms or other weapons categories. 

The following is a list of the funds that have a weapons free policy, and have fully excluded them from their portfolio (Mindful Money measures the level of investment down to 0.01% of the portfolio).

Funds that can show they have no investment in weapons can now use our new weapons free badge. Look for the badge above to be certain of who is putting their money where their mouth is.

  • Mindful Funds are the ones with This is a Mindful fund

Fund with Weapons Free Badges

Investment funds:


KiwiSaver Funds with Weapons Free policy and portfolio

AE KiwiSaver:


  • ANZ Default Conservative Fund


  • AMP Australasian Shares Fund


Pathfinder Asset Management:

NZ Funds:

  • NZ Funds Inflation Strategy
  • NZ Funds Balanced Fund


  • Koura KiwiSaver Emerging Marketings Equities Fund
  • Koura KiwiSaver New Zealand Equities Funds
  • Koura KiwiSaver Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency Fund
  • Koura KiwiSaver Clean Energy Fund
  • Koura KiwiSaver NZ Property Fund



  • InvestNow Mint Australasian Equity Fund

One Answer:

  • One Answer Australasian Share Fund



  • QuayStreet Socially Responsible Investment Fund

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Investment Funds with Weapons Free policy and portfolio


  • AMP Australasian Shares Fund


  • Booster Socially Responsible Balanced Fund
  • Booster Socially Responsible Growth Fund
  • Booster Socially Responsible High Growth Fund

Devon Funds:

Fisher Funds:

  • Fisher Funds Australian Growth Fund
  • Fisher Funds International Growth Fund
  • Fisher Funds Premium Property & Infrastructure Fund
  • Fisher Funds Property & Infrastructure Fund
  • Fisher Funds Trans Tasman Equity Trust



  • Lifesaver Trans Tasman Equity Fund


  • Lighthouse Global Equity Fund



  • Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund


  • Mint Australasian Equity Fund

NZ Funds:

  • NZ Funds Core Growth Portfolio
  • NZ Funds Core Inflation Portfolio
  • NZ Funds Dividend and Growth Portfolio
  • NZ Funds Equity Inflation Portfolio
  • NZ Funds Income Generator
  • NZ Funds Property Inflation Portfolio
  • NZ Funds Wealth Builder - Inflation Strategy

One Answer:

  • Oneanswer International Listed Infrastructure Fund 
  • Oneanswer s.a.c. Australian Share Fund 
  • Oneanswer s.a.c. Equity Selection Fund

Pathfinder :

Quay Street:

  • Quaystreet Socially Responsible Investment Fund


Stewart Investors:

  • Stewart Investors Worldwide Leaders Sustainability Fund


Trust Management

  • Trust Management - ESG Australasian Share Fund

Switch to one of the funds listed above or use the Fund Finder to find an Investment fund that matches your criteria.

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