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What is Mindful Money?

Mindful Money is an independent charity that aims to make money a force for good. Since our establishment in 2019, Mindful Money has been providing transparency for Kiwis on holdings in their KiwiSaver and other managed fund investments, support for fund managers to deepen their involvement in ethical investment, and analysis for the financial services industry. 

We are specialists in ethical and impact investments and are passionate about promoting finance to support the climate transition and a better world for all.

We know from our annual surveys that many New Zealanders want to invest ethically but don't have the objective information and research to compare the options. We want to empower all New Zealanders to be responsible for how they invest their savings. 

We make it quick and easy for you to find the investment that’s right for you, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. The Mindful Money website is free for all users. 

How can we help you? 

On this website, you will find

  • A Fund Checker that shows you what's in your KiwiSaver or investment fund
  • An independent comparison of your options for investing, using our high ethical standards and credible verification
  • A Fund Finder that enables you to choose KiwiSaver or retail investment funds that match your values
  • Educational news, blogs and guides, research and seminars on investing for good

Who are we?

Mindful Money is part of a registered charity, Sustainable Initiatives Aotearoa #51919. We are governed by a Board of Trustees and have established an Advisory Board to provide expert advice on responsible investment issues. 

Read more about the people behind Mindful Money here.

Mindful Money is not registered as a financial advisor since we are not offering personalised advice - we are making information available about criteria for responsible investing. We are not registered as a financial provider since we are a not-for-profit charity making information available to users without a charge.

How do we do it? 

Through our annual consumer survey, we research the issues of concern to Kiwi investors. We determine the companies of concern in each of these key issues and twice a year analyse KiwiSaver and investment fund portfolios to match fund investments to the identified companies of concern. New Zealand is unique in its ability to provide this level of investment detail, thanks to our disclosure laws. These companies of concern can be viewed for all KiwiSaver and retail investment funds using the Fund Checker on our website.

Mindful Money defines a high standard for ethical investment and requires verification of responsible investment claims by fund providers. The funds that meet the standards and agree to be a part of the Mindful Money platform are designated as Mindful Funds.  

Mindful Money’s online platform helps users to ‘find a fund that fits’ using the Fund Finder. The Fund Finder provides investors with a list of the Mindful Funds that meet their risk preference, ordered by how well the funds match the user’s selection of issues of concern and preferred investment approach.  

Our role is to introduce you to the KiwiSaver or investment fund that suits you best. We don’t own or manage the funds, and we don’t directly invest your money. That’s up to you and the investment providers who are profiled on this platform.

To understand this process in more detail read our Methodology page.

What is our impact?

We are a small charity making a big difference. Since we started in 2019, 472,204 funds have been checked using our Fund Checker and the Fund Finder has been used 163,333 times (numbers correct to November 2023).

Our research is referenced extensively in the media. If you are a journalist or media representative wanting to get in touch with us, please email info@mindfulmoney.nz

Read more about these and other initiatives undertaken by Mindful Money and the outcomes and impacts resulting from our efforts in our latest impact report.

2022-23 Impact Report

How are we funded?

Most of Mindful Money’s funding is contributed through sponsorship of events, individual donations, charitable grants, and the provision of services to financial advisors and institutional investors. Mindful Money receives a contribution towards the costs of undertaking research, running the website and promoting responsible investment from Mindful Fund providers, generally in the form of a monthly contribution. This funding currently provides a small proportion of the ongoing costs. 

A few generous folks help us by giving charitable grants and donations. Thank you to individual donors and institutional supporters - we are very grateful for your support.

How can you support us? 


As a small charity, we are proud to be making a big difference. Changing the flows of money is a powerful way to take action on climate change and sustainability.

But we can’t do it without your help. Please consider making a donation. Together, we can redirect funds away from harmful industries and safeguard our climate.


Share the message

As with many charities we don’t have a huge advertising budget, so we rely on your actions to tell others. When you share, people will be grateful. Most New Zealanders didn’t ask questions about the corporations they supported when they signed up for their KiwiSaver account. They'll be shocked to find out where their money is invested and keen to switch to an ethical investment. 

Please tell your friends, family and work colleagues that they can make a positive difference through their KiwiSaver and/or other investments. Invite us to talk about Mindful Money at a workplace seminar or an event. Sign up to join our campaign and receive updates about events, online seminars, campaigns and news.

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Who are our allies?

We are building a movement of all those who have shared interests in making money work for sustainability (in its broad definition).

We are honoured to work with inspiring organisations in the financial community,  environmental & development NGOs, animal welfare groups, iwi, women’s organisations, student groups, community organisations, faith groups and social justice groups:

350 Aotearoa, Auckland Climate Festival, Centre for Sustainable Finance - Toitū Tahua, Climate Action Conference, Climate Club, Consumer NZ, Cooking the Books, The Curve, Ethically Kate, Fair & Good, Fairtrade NZ, Festival for the Future, Forest and Bird, Girls that Invest, Impact Investing NZ, Informed Investor, Money Hub, NZAVS, NZ Climate Action Network, Organic NZ, Responsible Investment Association of Aotearoa (RIAA), Sharesies, Sorted, Sustainable Business Network, Trade Aid, Vegan Society, Whakatupu Foundation, and more.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch.

Contact us

If you have any questions, want to give us feedback, or want to give us some help, please let us know. The best way is by email at info@mindfulmoney.nz or by mail at PO Box 513, Oneroa, Auckland 1840.