Using Your Money to Shape a Brighter Future

29th Aug. 2022

How much difference can one purchase make?
What if we combined our purchasing power to create a tipping point?

Together our money has a huge collective impact. Whether it's ten dollars or a thousand dollars, money can often be the biggest lever for change.

Did you know that just under half of your carbon footprint comes from your KiwiSaver? Switching to an ethical fund can lead to the same if not higher returns, and dramatically reduce the investment funding fossil fuel producers. This is just one example of how our money can change the world.

Join us to learn how to use the power of your money to create a better future. 

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You will hear from:

  • Dr. Susan Maiava, Co-Founder from Fair and Good. Dr. Susan will talk about the power of everyday ethical consumerism to demand change.
  • Barry Coates, CEO, and Founder of the charity Mindful Money. Over a billion dollars of our collective KiwiSaver funds is invested in fossil fuel producers. Barry will talk about how you can easily divest your KiwiSaver from companies that harm the environment, and invest in the future you want to see.
  • Alva Feldmeier, Executive Director at 350 Aotearoa. Alva will cover people-powered campaigns and the global movement that has been tracing the money and putting pressure on the finance sector.
  • Kate Hall from Ethically Kate. Kate will be covering ‘ethical budgeting’ and how we can reframe our idea of money to make our purchasing power go further while matching our values.

Their talks will be followed by a Q&A and networking session with sustainable nibbles provided.

Please contact olive@mindfulmoney.nz if the price is a barrier, we would love for this event to be accessible for all.

Together we can make sustainable choices that don't have to cost us the world.