Mindful KiwiSaver Funds

These are the KiwiSaver funds that meet our high ethical standards, supported by credible verification. They avoid many companies of concern, and/or invest in companies with higher standards. You can find out more about our approach here.

Name Past Returns
Average annual returns over the past 3 years, after fees and taxes.
Annual fees, including management and administration fees, but not membership fee. Please note that lower fees don't always mean higher net returns.

QuayStreet SRI fund also meets the threshold of Mindful Money's criteria for responsible investment, but have opted not to join the platform. See the full list of funds for details.

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Past Returns: Where there are one or two years of returns data, but less than three years, we use market average data for the relevant risk category for the missing years to create a comparable three year average for the purposes of ordering by returns.

We use the term Mindful Funds as our standard for ethical investment. This does not imply that other funds are unethical or that the fund providers that do not meet the Mindful Fund standards are unethical providers.