Mindful Money Methodology: Avoiding Issues of Concern

Wed Feb. 1st 2023

Mindful Money is providing radical transparency for KiwiSaver funds. Now you can find out what is in your portfolio, categorised into sectors that have been shown to be the main issues of concern for New Zealanders. This paper sets out the methodology for analysing KiwiSaver portfolios, and the funds they invest in. And it outlines the research approach to identifying companies in each of the issues of concern.

How your money can influence companies towards sustainability

Thu Dec. 8th 2022

When your KiwiSaver or investment fund uses your money for equity investments they buy shares in the company. That makes them a part owner of …

Is now a good time to switch your KiwiSaver?

Tue Nov. 22nd 2022

You may have heard a drumbeat of advice about your investments, to sit tight during this falling share market. “Don’t switch.” “Don’t lock in your …

Ramping up Climate Accountability - Climate Disclosures

Thu Aug. 18th 2022

Ramping up Climate Accountability Climate extremes are on the rise, not only in New Zealand but around the world. The authoritative source of information on …

Are ethics a luxury in a downturn?

Tue June 21st 2022

All good things come to an end. The lengthy period of rising share prices is over, at least for a while. Returns are down and investors are worried. With high cost of living, inflation and uncertainty ahead, they are reviewing their investments. Many are asking whether investing ethically is still good financially as well as being good for people and our planet.

Judging of the Mindful Money Awards

Fri June 10th 2022

The aim of the Mindful Money’s Ethical Investment Awards is to select the best funds or practitioners in each of the seven categories. This is important, not only as a way to celebrate and reward the leaders, but also to highlight best practice in funds management, financial advice and media reporting. Best practice standards are particularly valuable in a sector where there are too many unsubstantiated claims and confusion over what is really ethical, responsible and sustainable.

NEW REPORT: Charting consumer demand for responsible investing in Aotearoa New Zealand

Thu April 28th 2022

Three-quarters of New Zealanders expect their KiwiSaver and investment funds to be invested ethically, with the majority considering moving funds if their values and interests do not align. This is one of the key findings of the new consumer survey by Mindful Money and the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).

Shining a light on impact investment

Mon April 11th 2022

As Leonard Cohen reminded us: There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. The cracks are now showing in the myopic …

How Mindful Money works

Thu March 31st 2022

Mindful Money is a consumer-facing charity that aims to make money a force for good. We achieve change by empowering consumers, engaging the investment providers …

Mobilising against the Putin regime

Thu March 24th 2022

Mobilising against the Putin regimeBarry Coates, CEO and Founder of Mindful Money Companies and citizens are mobilising as a powerful economic force against Putin’s aggression. …

Getting beyond greenwash: Which funds are walking the talk?

Thu March 10th 2022

Ethical investment is on the rise in New Zealand. Most funds claim to be responsible, but billions of dollars are still invested in companies that …

Being mindful about the impact of our money

Wed Feb. 9th 2022

Originally published on Sharesies, written by Barry Coates - Mindful Money's founderAt the heart of financial management is the recognition that, in general, there’s a …


Tue Dec. 7th 2021

How can you invest your money in good causes that boost the wellbeing of nature and local communities as well as your bank balance? Most of us have some investments. We typically invest in companies to make a financial return. But what if our investment could make a positive social and environmental impact as well as a financial return? It would be especially rewarding if we could then track the progress of social and environmental improvements as well as the financial return.

Mindful Money Submission to the Emissions Reduction Plan

Tue Nov. 23rd 2021

Mindful Money's submission to the Government's consultation on the Emissions Reduction Plan focuses on a crucial missing element: the role of finance in facilitating climate action.

Investors driving down emissions

Wed Nov. 3rd 2021

As world leaders meet at the COP26 climate summit, Mindful Money focuses on what the investment sector can do to drive emissions down in their investment funds. Around half of global funds under management have made pledges to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, but that includes few New Zealand funds. Mindful Money has convened a coalition of organisations to encourage and support investors to deepen their climate action here - the Aotearoa New Zealand Investor Coalition for Net Zero. As an initial step, Mindful Money has undertaken a baseline survey of asset owners and fund managers in New Zealand, finding out about their intentions for emissions reduction. The results are encouraging. Most fund managers and asset owners want to work towards taking a net zero pledge.

Responsible Investment Benchmark Report

Fri Sept. 10th 2021

The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) benchmark report on Responsible Investment in New Zealand was recently published by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, a …

Mindful Money Awards Conference 2021

Thu July 1st 2021

The inaugural Ethical and Impact Investment awards were held on 29th June at Generator in Wynyard Quarter in an event with over 200 participants. COVID restrictions meant the participants from Wellington and Australia joined online. In opening the conference part of the event, Mindful Money’s founder and CEO Barry Coates recalled that it is two years since Mindful Money launched its website to provide members of the public with transparency on their investments, and to help them find a fund that fits their values. Engaged and empowered consumers are a powerful tool for change, and there has been huge growth in public support for ethical investment. The challenge is now to shift funds from fossil fuels and the high emissions economy into climate solutions.

What just happened? Protestors take over at Exxon

Mon June 14th 2021

What just happened? There has been a climate revolt in the Exxon boardroom. It wasn’t caused by placard-waving youth, but rather by impeccably-dressed executives of the world’s largest financial institutions. They lined up behind a small activist shareholder, called Engine No. 1, to force the mighty Exxon to get serious about climate change. Three of Exxon’s Directors were kicked off the Board and replaced by directors with climate credentials. They have a mandate to turn the Exxon tanker around, towards investing for the climate transition.

This Is Our Peak and Decline Moment: The Climate Change Commission Advice to Government

Wed June 9th 2021

Mindful Money welcomes the Commission’s final report. This provides a hugely important turning point after more than decades of inaction, broken promises and rising emissions. The advice now provides a foundation for the government to seize the opportunity to make a decisive step forward towards a zero emissions, resilient and sustainable Aotearoa.

Do you make Nuclear Bombs?

Thu March 18th 2021

There are 88 KiwiSaver Funds with investments in companies that produce nuclear weapons, totalling $52 million. Here's how you can find out what's in your KiwiSaver fund and take action.

Choosing the Fund that Fits

Wed Feb. 3rd 2021

Mindful Money aims to change the ways that New Zealanders think about their investments, so that they give greater priority to directing their funds towards social and environmentally beneficial outcomes. Investors will be supported and empowered to direct their investment towards credible forms of responsible investment and impact investment.

Fund Managers Responsibility - Call to Action

Thu Dec. 10th 2020

“Rio Tinto’s role in this tragedy is inexcusable. Rio knew the value of what they were destroying but blew it up anyway.” The inquiry is likely to result in important changes to protect Aboriginal rights and better regulate mining companies. The fund managers also took action after the evidence became impossible to ignore – they fired the CEO and several senior executives.

Our post-COVID recovery: Investing for a sustainable future

Mon May 11th 2020

From crisis comes opportunity. From a (hopefully) once-in-a-generation pandemic has come the chance for once-in-a-generation investment in recovery. We need to get this right, not only to kick-start economic recovery but also to meet future challenges.

Doing well as well as doing good

Wed April 15th 2020

It should be no surprise that sustainable business is also good business financially. Companies with a strong sustainability track record are typically well-managed. They gain advantages from a good reputation, a strong brand and loyal customers, motivated staff and no environmental liabilities.

Myth Busting: Fossil Fuel Divestment

Mon March 9th 2020

The Government’s decision to require default KiwiSaver providers to exclude fossil fuels has kicked off a debate around the impact. This is long overdue. It not only affects default funds, but most of our KiwiSaver investments. We need facts and analysis to examine this decision, and fossil fuel divestment more generally. We also need to bust some myths about divestment and fossil fuel investments.

Fossil free by default

Sun March 1st 2020

The government has today taken the right decision to require ethical standards for default KiwiSaver funds, including exclusion of fossil fuels. This protects the interests of those who do not make a specific choice of funds when they sign up to KiwiSaver.

From crisis to opportunity

Fri Feb. 7th 2020

The few days in January when the skies of New Zealand were reddened by smoke from bush fires across the Tasman set the stage for our new decade. It was one of those moments that gave an insight into a future of climate chaos. The reality never quite sinks in until you experience it directly.

5 things you should know about your KiwiSaver investment

Thu Jan. 9th 2020

Mindful Money’s analysis has been built on over a year of research and is backed by strong financial expertise, as well as leading thinking on sustainability. This has revealed five key things that you should know so you can manage your KiwiSaver better.

Forest & Bird: "We made the move"

Mon Dec. 2nd 2019

Mindful Money is featured in the Summer edition of the Forest & Bird magazine, where Chief Executive Kevin Hague urges members to check their KiwiSaver fund on the Mindful Money website and make a switch to a more ethical fund.

Nukes with your KiwiSaver?

Mon Nov. 11th 2019

Most KiwiSaver funds promised to get out of investments in cluster munitions, landmines and nuclear weapons after a public outcry in 2016. A new investigation by Mindful Money, reveals that over $100 million of KiwiSaver funds are still invested in the production of nuclear weapons.

Who caused climate change?

Mon Nov. 4th 2019

The news is coming in thick and fast. Scientists have under-estimated the extent, pace and impact of climate change and we are in big trouble. Who's to blame?

Tackling Greenwash

Thu Oct. 17th 2019

Many New Zealanders who want to invest ethically are confused by the lack of clear definitions and put off by unsubstantiated claims of being 'ethical, responsible or green'. The FMA want to tackle these issues. They have released a consultation paper and invite submissions by 5pm on 24th October.

Report on the Mindful Money Conference: Investing in Sustainability, held at KPMG, 3rd September 2019

Mon Sept. 16th 2019

Finance has a central role in determining whether and how fast New Zealand and other countries transition towards net zero emissions, stronger sustainability and higher levels of well being. The conference saw financial industry leaders discuss the challenges in reorienting investment towards sustainability.

Mindful Money Go Live

Mon July 8th 2019

If you’ve ever wondered what’s in your KiwiSaver account, now you can find out. Mindful Money has analysed all 260 KiwiSaver funds, and can tell you whether your money is invested in fossil fuels that cause climate change, or in companies that violate human rights or test cosmetics on animals.

Mindful Money Founder Barry Coates | Fairfield Conference 2019

Thu June 13th 2019

Mindful Money's founder, Barry Coates, gave a keynote speech at the inaugural Fairfield conference on social justice through ethical trade at AUT in March. It explained why our choice of KiwiSaver investments can be a powerful way to change the world for good.

The Value of Everything

Thu May 23rd 2019

In her new book the researcher and author, Mariana Mazzucato recalls Goldman Sachs boasting about its record of wealth creation a year after the Global Financial Crisis. To term this a 'creation of wealth' ignores the massive destruction of financial, social and human wealth as a result of the GFC and the financial institutions whose reckless lending contributed to the crisis. The book makes it clear that not all economic activity is about creation of wealth.

What’s The Evidence Of Better Returns From Responsible Investment?

Thu May 23rd 2019

There is now growing evidence that returns from responsible investment are, on average, at least as high as from conventional investing, and probably higher. The investment sector has started to wake up to this evidence.

Financing Zero

Thu May 23rd 2019

Making the shift towards net zero carbon emissions in New Zealand by 2050 will be a monumental challenge and will require action across many fronts – public action, institutional reform, a decent carbon price, changes in land use and our agricultural system, and government leadership through regulation.

Ten Years Since The GFC – Change Can Start With Us

Sun Sept. 9th 2018

It is now ten years since the global financial crisis was kicked off by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. We explore what changes have and haven't been made and how financial institutions are shaping up to use investment as a force for good.

Show Me The Money

Wed Aug. 22nd 2018

The tide is turning towards deeper action on sustainability, and responsible investment is a huge step in the right direction towards change.

Good Corp, Bad Corp

Fri July 27th 2018

The pay-off for responsible corporate companies is supported by growing evidence of higher returns to investment funds that tilt towards good social, environmental and governance practice.

Mindful Investing for a Sustainable Future

Tue July 24th 2018

The time has come for a massive switch in funding towards low emissions and sustainability through responsible investment of our KiwiSaver funds.