How to tell an ethical KiwiSaver from a greenwashed one

Fri Feb. 7th 2020

83% of us expect our KiwiSaver to be invested responsibly. But if you've ever tried to find a good ethical fund, you'll know it's not as simple as it sounds. For one thing, everyone has different ethics. For another, companies report on different things in different ways, because there's no legal standard on how to report ethical issues.

From crisis to opportunity

Fri Feb. 7th 2020

The few days in January when the skies of New Zealand were reddened by smoke from bush fires across the Tasman set the stage for our new decade. It was one of those moments that gave an insight into a future of climate chaos. The reality never quite sinks in until you experience it directly.

Retirement commissioner rejects raising superannuation age

Tue Feb. 4th 2020

The Retirement Review has called for the government to increase resources at the office of the Retirement Commissioner, the Commission for Financial Capability (CFFC), and fund the financial research charity Mindful Money.

When will the business elite walk the talk?

Tue Feb. 4th 2020

The elite attendees at the Davos forum can talk a good talk on sustainability but, with other business leaders and investors, many are happy to leave actual change to others.

5 things you should know about your KiwiSaver investment

Thu Jan. 9th 2020

Mindful Money’s analysis has been built on over a year of research and is backed by strong financial expertise, as well as leading thinking on sustainability. This has revealed five key things that you should know so you can manage your KiwiSaver better.

Is KiwiSaver still important in the age of lifelong renters

Tue Dec. 31st 2019

KiwiSaver can also be an easy way to stage a small-scale protest write Alice Webb-Liddall for the Spinoff, who found it surprising to learn that many KiwiSaver funds invest in areas like fossil fuels, weaponry and human rights abuses.

Forest & Bird: "We made the move"

Mon Dec. 2nd 2019

Mindful Money is featured in the Summer edition of the Forest & Bird magazine, where Chief Executive Kevin Hague urges members to check their KiwiSaver fund on the Mindful Money website and make a switch to a more ethical fund.

'One and done' attitude stalling women's advance in the boardroom

Tue Nov. 19th 2019

The New Zealand Census of Women on Boards, by Dr Judy McGregor, barrister Cat MacLennan and Sam Stubbs from the Simplicity KiwiSaver scheme, shows that the boards of the top 100 publicly listed companies are still overwhelmingly male and Pākehā.

Nukes with your KiwiSaver?

Mon Nov. 11th 2019

Most KiwiSaver funds promised to get out of investments in cluster munitions, landmines and nuclear weapons after a public outcry in 2016. A new investigation by Mindful Money, reveals that over $100 million of KiwiSaver funds are still invested in the production of nuclear weapons.

Who caused climate change?

Mon Nov. 4th 2019

The news is coming in thick and fast. Scientists have under-estimated the extent, pace and impact of climate change and we are in big trouble. Who's to blame?

Growing popularity of ethical and responsible investing

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

The growing popularity of ethical and responsible investing appears to be being felt in investment fund decisions and company behaviour.

Survey finds New Zealanders demanding ethical Kiwisaver investments

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

New Zealanders are prepared to switch KiwiFund providers if they find their investments don't match their values, a new survey has revealed.