Mindful Money Awards 2022

Wed May 11th 2022

The Mindful Money Awards celebrate the role that ethical and impact investing are playing in making money a force for good. They reflect the growing movement to re-orient investment finance towards sustainability and well-being, providing solutions to the mounting crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality.

Mindful Money Awards

Wed May 11th 2022

Hon. Dr. David Clark to headline Mindful Money awards and conference Hon. David Clark will be the keynote speaker at the Mindful Money Awards and …

NEW REPORT: Charting consumer demand for responsible investing in Aotearoa New Zealand

Thu April 28th 2022

Three-quarters of New Zealanders expect their KiwiSaver and investment funds to be invested ethically, with the majority considering moving funds if their values and interests …

Charting consumer demand for responsible investing in Aotearoa New Zealand

Thu April 28th 2022

The fourth in the series of annual surveys was conducted by Dynata for Mindful Money and the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).  It highlights the …

Shining a light on impact investment

Mon April 11th 2022

As Leonard Cohen reminded us: There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. The cracks are now showing in the myopic …

Ethical Investing comes of age: Innovative new Mindful Funds announced

Wed April 6th 2022

New Ethical Investment Funds launching on the Mindful Money platform Responsible and Ethical investing is taking a huge leap forward with a new wave of …

How Mindful Money works

Thu March 31st 2022

Mindful Money is a consumer-facing charity that aims to make money a force for good. We achieve change by empowering consumers, engaging the investment providers …

KiwiSaver crawls towards its nuclear-free moment

Mon March 28th 2022

Written by Rob Stock, originally appearing on Stuff. KiwiSaver crawls towards its nuclear-free moment OPINION: Prime minister David Lange famously told a questioner at a …

Mobilising against the Putin regime

Thu March 24th 2022

Mobilising against the Putin regimeBarry Coates, CEO and Founder of Mindful Money Companies and citizens are mobilising as a powerful economic force against Putin’s aggression. …

Divestment from Russia: List of Articles

Thu March 17th 2022

Mindful Money’s analysis and media releases from the Russian Divestment Campaign Mindful Money kicked off an important public discussion over KiwiSaver and investment fund investments in …

Did your KiwiSaver help finance Putin’s invasion?

Mon March 14th 2022

The global financial backlash to Russia’s war in Ukraine demonstrates the power of every investor to use their money as a force for good, writes …

Press Release: Which funds are walking the talk?

Fri March 11th 2022

Ethical investment is on the rise in New Zealand. Most funds claim to be responsible, but billions of dollars are still invested in companies that …