'One and done' attitude stalling women's advance in the boardroom

Tue Nov. 19th 2019

The New Zealand Census of Women on Boards, by Dr Judy McGregor, barrister Cat MacLennan and Sam Stubbs from the Simplicity KiwiSaver scheme, shows that the boards of the top 100 publicly listed companies are still overwhelmingly male and Pākehā.

Nukes with your KiwiSaver?

Mon Nov. 11th 2019

Most KiwiSaver funds promised to get out of investments in cluster munitions, landmines and nuclear weapons after a public outcry in 2016. A new investigation by Mindful Money, reveals that over $100 million of KiwiSaver funds are still invested in the production of nuclear weapons.

Who caused climate change?

Mon Nov. 4th 2019

The news is coming in thick and fast. Scientists have under-estimated the extent, pace and impact of climate change and we are in big trouble. Who's to blame?

Growing popularity of ethical and responsible investing

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

The growing popularity of ethical and responsible investing appears to be being felt in investment fund decisions and company behaviour.

Survey finds New Zealanders demanding ethical Kiwisaver investments

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

New Zealanders are prepared to switch KiwiFund providers if they find their investments don't match their values, a new survey has revealed.

Responsible Investment NZ Survey 2019

Wed Oct. 30th 2019

8 in 10 Kiwis expect their money to be invested responsibly. New consumer research launched this morning by Mindful Money and Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) shows that 8 in 10 New Zealanders (83%) expect their KiwiSaver or other investments to be invested responsibly and ethically. This compares with 7 in 10 New Zealanders (72%) in 2018.

Global investment funds driving increased fossil fuel investment

Tue Oct. 29th 2019

From Nine to Noon, Radio NZ 29 October 2019 Climate change awareness and action is on the rise, but to what extent are New Zealanders investing in one of the main drivers of climate change - the fossil fuel industry?

The KiwiSaver scheme 'controversy-rating' all its investments

Mon Oct. 28th 2019

By Rob Stock in Stuff 28 October 2019 CareSaver uses Sustainalytics to help it avoid companies investing in industries its investors wish to avoid, such as tobacco, factory farming, controversial as well as civilian weapons, fossil fuels, gambling, and animal-testing. But it’s also using the Dutch company to give companies a controversy rating.

Eight in 10 KiwiSavers expect no human rights abusers or tax-dodgers in their funds

Mon Oct. 28th 2019

The latest survey by Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) and Mindful Money shows 83 per cent of investors expect their KiwiSaver or other investments to be invested responsibly and ethically as a matter of course, and for the first time that included avoiding companies that didn't pay their fair share of tax.

Is your KiwiSaver fund fueling climate change?

Fri Oct. 25th 2019

By Tamsyn Parker in NZ Herald 25 October 2019 KiwiSaver funds have more than $500 million invested in the 20 biggest fossil fuel producers which have been linked to a third of all carbon emissions in the modern era, research has found.

KiwiSaver funds still have exposure to nuclear weapons industry

Thu Oct. 24th 2019

Investments in companies involved with nuclear weapons still feature in dozens of KiwiSaver funds. ANZ, ASB, AMP, BNZ, Kiwi Wealth and Westpac were among those with funds still tainted with exposure to the nuclear arms industry, despite a growing number of New Zealanders saying they don’t want their superannuation funds invested unethically.

Tackling Greenwash

Thu Oct. 17th 2019

Many New Zealanders who want to invest ethically are confused by the lack of clear definitions and put off by unsubstantiated claims of being 'ethical, responsible or green'. The FMA want to tackle these issues. They have released a consultation paper and invite submissions by 5pm on 24th October.