PM Jacinda Ardern’s KiwiSaver investments show we've passed the point of peak greenwashing

Mon Feb. 22nd 2021

Originally published on Stuff, by John Berry. The original article can be found here.Last week Jacinda Ardern’s bank KiwiSaver was found to invest in weapons …

Jacinda Ardern 'not aware' her KiwiSaver scheme profited from Saudi military deals

Mon Feb. 22nd 2021

Originally published on Stuff, by Rob Stock. The original article can be found here.Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was not aware her KiwiSaver scheme …

How to go weapons-free in KiwiSaver

Fri Feb. 19th 2021

There are now more than a dozen weapons-free KiwiSaver schemes and funds meaning anybody who wishes to keep their retirement savings clear of the arms industry can easily do so.

Choosing the Fund that Fits

Wed Feb. 3rd 2021

Mindful Money aims to change the ways that New Zealanders think about their investments, so that they give greater priority to directing their funds towards social and environmentally beneficial outcomes. Investors will be supported and empowered to direct their investment towards credible forms of responsible investment and impact investment.

Mindful Money Methodology: Avoiding Issues of Concern

Wed Feb. 3rd 2021

Mindful Money is providing radical transparency for KiwiSaver funds. Now you can find out what is in your portfolio, categorised into sectors that have been shown to be the main issues of concern for New Zealanders. This paper sets out the methodology for analysing KiwiSaver portfolios, and the funds they invest in. And it outlines the research approach to identifying companies in each of the issues of concern.

FMA sets expectations for issuers of ‘green’ and ‘responsible’ funds

Tue Dec. 15th 2020

The “Disclosure framework for integrated financial products” guidance shows the FMA is ready to take into account a wider scope of investor outcomes than just financial returns.

Highlights from the IoD breakfast event on climate-related disclosures

Mon Dec. 14th 2020

Published by the Institute of Directors. The original article can be found here. Reporting requirements, impacts, and opportunities In January 2020, when the IoD published …

Fund Managers Responsibility - Call to Action

Thu Dec. 10th 2020

“Rio Tinto’s role in this tragedy is inexcusable. Rio knew the value of what they were destroying but blew it up anyway.” The inquiry is likely to result in important changes to protect Aboriginal rights and better regulate mining companies. The fund managers also took action after the evidence became impossible to ignore – they fired the CEO and several senior executives.

Highlights from our Seminar Series

Thu Nov. 19th 2020

In this last seminar of our 2020 series, Mindful Money’s Barry Coates pulls out some highlights from the 30 weekly seminars. He is in discussion with Vincent Heeringa, host of a great seminar series, This Climate Business.

Combating Modern Slavery in New Zealand through Investor Action

Tue Nov. 10th 2020

Around 40 million vulnerable people are exploited for profit through forms of enslavement - the vast majority of them are women and children. This seminar will look at the evidence of modern slavery in New Zealand and in supply chains of NZ companies; initiatives by government and companies; and international experience with legislation and investor action.

Sustainable Finance Forum

Thu Nov. 5th 2020

Around the world, governments are realising that it will not be possible to make real progress on Climate Change, on the SDGs and on tackling inequality unless they also transform finance. New Zealand’s Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) responds to this challenge, outlining a ‘roadmap’ towards sustainable finance.

Responsible Investment: New Zealand Survey 2020

Thu Oct. 29th 2020

“Demand for ethical investing remains strong through the COVID pandemic” says Mindful Money’s founder and CEO, Barry Coates. “Over 90% of those who do not have an ethical investment fund are intending to switch to an ethical fund, most of them within the next year. This is evidence of strong growth in the consumer movement.”