Rod Oram: The hot debate over responsible investing

Tue Sept. 14th 2021

One of the hottest investment pitches around the world– you can earn superior returns while doing good for the planet and society – is becoming one of the most controversial. That promise by fund managers is attracting record sums into the category of ‘responsible investment’ which adds environmental, societal and governance (ESG) criteria to conventional investment analysis.

Responsible Investment Benchmark Report

Fri Sept. 10th 2021

The Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA) benchmark report on Responsible Investment in New Zealand was recently published by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, a …

KiwiSaver funds dump $331 million of fossil fuel investments

Tue Aug. 24th 2021

KiwiSaver funds have sold out of $331 million​ of their fossil fuel company investments in just six months, data from Mindful Money show. Barry Coates, the founder of the Mindful Money ethical investing website, said KiwiSaver funds’ combined investments in oil and gas companies fell from $1.85 billion to $1.54b in the six months ended on March 31. That took the proportion of KiwiSaver money invested in fossil fuels from 2.45 per cent to 1.8 per cent, Coates said. “The sharp fall in fossil fuel investment by KiwiSaver funds is good news,” he said.

Investor 'horrified' to discover surprise lurking in KiwiSaver

Mon Aug. 16th 2021

When Andrew Jenkins​ decided it was time to check where his KiwiSaver money was invested, he was horrified at what he discovered. The 24-year-old​ university student found his ANZ KiwiSaver fund contained “a significant amount of money” invested in a company he felt strongly against. “The name Nestle stood out to me immediately. Their name comes up a lot when you are discussing human rights abuses. So when I saw I was invested with them, I was not happy,” Jenkins​ said.

Pathfinder joins the $100 million club

Tue Aug. 10th 2021

Pathfinder may be one of New Zealand's newest and smallest KiwiSaver providers but is growing rapidly and has hit its first major milestone with over $100 million of assets under management.

Your biggest climate impact might be your Kiwisaver

Mon Aug. 9th 2021

Most New Zealanders are taking actions to reduce their carbon impact. This is important. While individual actions alone will not solve the climate crisis, they are vital in influencing business practices. We need to align our economic choices with our values by supporting climate solutions rather than contributing to the problem. However, many supporters of climate action have a blind spot when it comes to their savings and investment. The number of people with a more ethical and lower-carbon KiwiSaver or investment fund is growing but is still a small proportion of the population.

Reserve Bank urges investors to green up their portfolios

Thu July 8th 2021

Examine your investments and see how you can incorporate climate risk, says the Reserve Bank Governor. Adrian Orr has drawn on his time running the NZ Super Fund to issue a resounding call to mum-and-dad investors to consider the climate when they decide where to put their money.

Mindful Money Awards Winners 2021

Thu July 1st 2021

Best practice just got far better: Winners at the Mindful Money Ethical and Impact Investment awards The inaugural Ethical and Impact Investment awards were held on 29th June at Generator in Wynyard Quarter in an event with over 200 participants. COVID restrictions meant the participants from Wellington and Australia joined online. Mindful Money Founder and CEO, Barry Coates congratulated entrants, finalists and winners on huge step up in practice on all aspects of ethical investment. The awards show that standards are rising. As several of the judging panels commented, the standard of entries is far higher than it would have been even two years ago. The bar for good practice is being raised, and quickly.

Mindful Money Awards Conference 2021

Thu July 1st 2021

The inaugural Ethical and Impact Investment awards were held on 29th June at Generator in Wynyard Quarter in an event with over 200 participants. COVID restrictions meant the participants from Wellington and Australia joined online. In opening the conference part of the event, Mindful Money’s founder and CEO Barry Coates recalled that it is two years since Mindful Money launched its website to provide members of the public with transparency on their investments, and to help them find a fund that fits their values. Engaged and empowered consumers are a powerful tool for change, and there has been huge growth in public support for ethical investment. The challenge is now to shift funds from fossil fuels and the high emissions economy into climate solutions.

Mindful Money Awards

Tue June 29th 2021

The 2021 Mindful Money Awards took place on 29th June. Read about the winners and their contribution to re-orienting investment finance towards sustainability and well-being, providing solutions to the mounting crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality.

Making Money a Force for Good Podcast

Fri June 25th 2021

Every two weeks, join Mindful Money's CEO Barry Coates as he delves into the world of Ethical Investment. Each podcast features expert guests, cutting-edge information from the world of money, and how to make yours a force for good.

New Ethical Funds on Mindful Money

Fri June 18th 2021

Mindful Money is pleased to welcome five more investment funds onto the Mindful Money platform, including three new providers - Devon Funds, Harbour Asset Management and Mint Asset Management. The new funds also include two further investment funds from Pathfinder Asset Management.