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Voices from COP27: What we need from the Climate Summit

Tue Nov. 22nd 2022

Welcome to the third series of Money for Good, a seminar and podcast series where we cover how money can be used to shape a better world. 🌏

We're kicking off with a discussion centered around COP27 (the annual Climate Summit). Governments are faced with a huge challenge to set the framework for a rapid and fair transition to Net Zero.

However, the messaging on COP27 so far seems to center around lowering our expectations. This is of deep concern, especially at a time when we urgently need government leadership to accelerate climate action.

We have assembled different voices from COP27 to help us understand where real progress can be made. We will be covering climate justice for the Pacific and frontline communities, rules on international emissions trading, and financing for the climate transition.

Join us to hear from those at COP27, including:

  • Rod Oram, Business Journalist
  • A representative from the Pacific Climate Warriors
  • Craig Weise, Chief Executive at New Zealand Green Investment Finance
  • Rhiannon Mackie, youth environmental advocate

This event will be hosted by Barry Coates, founder and CEO of Mindful Money.

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