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Mindful Money's Impact Report

Thu Dec. 16th 2021

It has been quite a year, definitely one that will be remembered.

It is one when Mindful Money really came of age as a 2 year old start up:

  • Website traffic and switches more ethical investments grew by 300%
  • The transparency of revealing investment holdings on our website has helped cut millions from investments in fossil fuels, nuclear weapons and other harm
  • We launched New Zealand's first ethical and impact awards
  • We initiated an investor coalition to encourage climate action and net zero commitments
  • We developed New Zealand’s first impact investment directory

We are proud of our achievements and documented them in our first annual


I hope you agree that we have done a huge amount with very few resources. 

We are especially grateful to those who donated to our crowdfunding appeal in 2020.

In 2022, we aim to raise the bar. 
We want to shift to Mindful Money 2.0.

We will continue to grow the market for credible ethical and impact investing by 3X again

We will extend our website to cover more ethical investment strategies

We will challenge greenwashing and hold investment providers to account

We will build demand for impact investing and boost funding for the climate transition, social equity and environmental regeneration

We will launch a new programme for shareholder action to influence New Zealand companies

Like what we do?

We are a small charity and donations from our supporters enable us to take ethical and impact investment to the next level.