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Fortifying the Future: Finance for Climate Resilience

Wed Jan. 18th 2023

Coming up next Wednesday 25th of Jan at 12.15pm

Climate change is having a devastating impact on New Zealand and the world, causing costly damage and causing suffering to communities. As the situation worsens, it's becoming increasingly important to invest in infrastructure that can withstand the extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. This is not only important for the government, but also for investors who want to ensure the long-term sustainability of their investments and contribute to greater resilience.

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on how we can mobilise investment to fund climate-resilient infrastructure. We will be joined by Dr. David Hall, who will share insights from his new report on investment in climate resilience. He will also be joined by Professor James Renwick, a leading New Zealand and IPCC climate researcher, who will outline the severe climate risks facing New Zealand households, infrastructure and businesses.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about this critical issue and explore ways investors can take action.