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Responsible Investment: New Zealand Survey 2020

Thu Oct. 29th 2020

The third in the series of annual surveys was conducted by Dynata for Mindful Money and the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA). It highlights the significant consumer demand for responsible and ethical investment. There are three key points that emerge from this year's survey:

  1.  93% of those who don’t have an ethical fund intend to switch in the next 5 years
  2. The public understands that ethical investing produces high financial returns. This means that investors can do good while doing well. Why not?
  3. People will save more money if they know their investment has positive social and environmental benefits. This is an opportunity for fund providers. It’s time for impact investment.

While ethical investment is growing strongly, the survey shows there are still barriers to ethical investing, such as a lack of objective information, not enough time to research and compare options, a perceived lack of credible options and misleading claims. Those are the barriers that Mindful Money's website aims to overcome.