Taking a more ethical stand with your KiwiSaver

17th Sept. 2019

Alice Webb-Liddell in the Spinoff looks at how increasing the transparency in our investment funds will make ethical investing easier. And not only is it increasingly possible to invest ethically, it is likely to be more profitable.

By Alice Webb-Liddell published in the Spinoff, 17 September 2019

Why sustainable investing matters – and how to take a stand with your KiwiSaver 

Most KiwiSaver funds are managed by one of the big Australian banks, which create returns through investments in fossil fuels, human rights violations, tobacco and weaponry. Despite an increasing interest in sustainability and accountability, thousands of New Zealanders are still inadvertently investing in sectors that are doing harm to the planet. What can we do?

Link: https://thespinoff.co.nz/partner/mas/17-09-2019/why-sustainable-investing-matters-and-how-to-take-a-stand-with-your-kiwisaver/