Retail Impact Directory

12th Jan. 2024

Impact investment is an exciting new form of investment, offering positive social and environmental outcomes as well as financial returns.

However, the funds may be risky.

The following funds have an indirect impact – they invest in companies that are already established and are listed on share markets, so their contribution is to increase the pool of financial capital. This is important, but it is different to the direct impact of investment in enterprises that would otherwise not establish or grow. 

Mindful Money is not recommending the following funds. They are listed below solely as an information service to let investors know about the availability of impact investment opportunities.

A number of the investments shown on these pages are highly risky. Investors should seek personalised financial advice for their circumstances or if they are investing a significant proportion of their portfolio.

A list of advisers certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia is shown here.

Sustainably Themed Funds 

S&P Kensho Electric Vehicle Innovation

Invest in a diversified mix of global companies involved in the electric vehicles sector and the ecosystems supporting it – energy storage systems, clean fuel technology, charging infrastructure and vehicle manufacturers. With 11 vehicle manufacturers plus 18 companies providing critical EV components and infrastructure, this fund offers well-rounded exposure so investors can benefit from the EV movement without picking individual stocks.

With vehicle manufacturers plus companies providing critical EV components and infrastructure.

S&P Global Clean Energy

The Clean Energy Fund tracks the S&P Global Clean Energy Index. This fund invests in up to 100 companies with significant or total clean energy exposure and low carbon-to-revenue footprints according to independent assessors Trucost. To be eligible for inclusion, companies must be involved in the production of clean energy or provision of clean energy technology and equipment.

Enphase Energy, Vestas Wind Systems, Ørsted, Iberdrola, First Solar

Funds with Impact Companies

Harbour Sustainable Impact fund

This is a diversified fund that invests in equities and bonds. It aims for its investments to make a positive impact on themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals. These include companies involved in power generation from renewable energy, EV businesses, waste reduction, energy efficiency, emissions reduction and financial inclusion. The fund has published an impact report setting out its initial progress.

 CSL, World Bank, Ebos, Idp Education, International Finance Corporation and Macquarie Group.

Devon Global Impact Bond Fund

This is a diversified fund that invests in bonds (debt) that finance three themes: Life Essentials, such as affordable housing, clean water, sustainable agriculture and health; Human empowerment, such as education and financial inclusion; and environment, including energy efficiency and clean energy. The fund is run by Wellington Management, an international bond specialist.

ASB Positive Impact Fund

This is a diversified fund that invests in equities and bonds. It aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals such as green energy, affordable housing, public health, clean transport and green buildings. The green bonds issued by governments and companies are required to use the money for specified environmental purposes.

  APM Human Services International, Ørsted, Auckland Council bonds, NZ government bonds and Iberdrola bonds.