Funds label system needed to avoid KiwiSaver 'greenwashing'

30th Sept. 2019

The taxpayer-funded Commission for Financial Capability finds KiwiSaver funds’ claims to be socially and environmentally responsible are not clearly matched by their documentation.

By Rob Stock published in Stuff 30 September 2019

Funds label system needed to avoid KiwiSaver 'greenwashing'

KiwiSaver funds claiming to be environmentally and socially responsible should face independent auditing, says a report prepared for the taxpayer-funded Commission for Financial Capability. A view reiterated by interim Retirement Commissioner Peter Cordtz, who thinks New Zealanders may be poorly served in knowing how to judge KiwiSaver funds that claim to be ethical and not invested in categories such as animal cruelty, worker exploitation, controversial weapons or fossil fuels. Cordtz says there should be an ethical framework that allows people to invest responsibly.

Link: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/116201091/fund-label-system-needed-to-avoid-kiwisaver-greenwashing