Reclaim our Future: Make Money a Force for Good

25th Aug. 2023

Together, we can redirect funds away from harmful industries and safeguard our climate. But we can’t do it without your help.

As a small charity, we are proud to be making a big difference. Changing the flows of money is a powerful way to take action on climate change and sustainability. With your support, we can do so much more.

Please donate generously to help us scale up:

Grow the movement of mindful investors - we aim to reach over 500,000 Kiwis, empowering them to align their funds with their values. 

Extend our radical transparency - we will provide more information as a free service, helping the public invest in climate solutions, social housing and other positive impacts. 

Strengthen corporate accountability - we will influence NZ companies, demanding stronger action on climate change and sustainability. Help us build an active shareholding movement.

Every donation you make will be doubled, amplifying its impact.

Help us grow the movement of mindful investors.

Since we are a charity, your donations are tax deductible.
We appreciate regular donations because they enable us to plan ahead.
You can also give via our bank account 38-9019-0822005-01, and please email us at info@mindfulmoney.nz to let us know who it is from.

What we have achieved so far...

Mindful Money has already achieved significant impact, even though we are a small start-up charity with only three FTE employees. 

● We have provided free information for over 230,000 Kiwis to make ethical choices about their KiwiSaver and other investments, shifting over $200 million. 

● We have engaged with the finance sector through annual surveys, conferences, annual awards, research on climate action and over 70 online seminars; and 

● We have influenced government policy, such as excluding fossil fuels from default KiwiSaver funds. 

All this has contributed to real change. Check out our most recent impact report.

We now need to scale up. We are seeking $50,000 from the public. Our generous donors will match your donations, ensuring that whatever you contribute will go twice as far.

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With thanks to our community