Finalists Announced for Mindful Money Ethical and Impact Investment Awards

26th May 2022

There were 53 entries in 8 different award categories, judged by 32 independent experts. The judging process has been rigorous and achieved consensus in each category, selecting a strong field of finalists.

Finalists Announced for Mindful Money Ethical and Impact Investment Awards:

Celebrating leaders in the transition towards ethical investment

The ethical and responsible revolution continues to accelerate internationally and in New Zealand. There is growing consumer demand for investment that seeks to avoid harm and improve social and environmental outcomes, and investment providers are responding. The extent of the innovation and deepening of this movement is evident in the second annual awards.

Mindful Money’s Founder and CEO, Barry Coates commented: “This year, there are more entries, demonstrating higher standards, and extending the range of consumer options. Ethical and responsible investment has become the norm for investment management in New Zealand and the entries to this year’s awards show significant progress in raising the bar.”

“The investment sector is moving quickly, with a leap in standards in the EU and across the globe. We need to accelerate progress in New Zealand if we are to seize the opportunity to become world class, drawing in capital and using it to accelerate the transition towards sustainability and zero climate emissions.”

There were 53 entries in 8 different award categories, judged by 32 independent experts. The judging process has been rigorous and achieved consensus in each category, selecting a strong field of finalists.

Best Ethical KiwiSaver Provider

The judges were looking for the fund that provided the best outcomes across the main strategies of avoiding harm, improving investment social and environmental performance and investing for positive impact. They welcomed a strong field of entries. As KiwiSaver funding closes in on $100 billion in total, it has attracted new entrants and new approaches. KiwiSaver investors are now presented with options of around 330 funds from over 40 providers. Amongst these, the finalists in the awards (in alphabetical order) are:

Kiwi Wealth

Medical Assurance Society (MAS)


Pathfinder Asset Management

Best Ethical Retail Investment Provider

The judges were looking for the providers able to show evidence of ethical performance in their investments and engagement with companies in their portfolios. The judges were impressed with the degree to which the entries this year have deepened their ethical practices and increased their investment in companies that have a positive impact. Retail investment products amount to around $70 billion invested in around 425 funds from 50 providers. Of these, the finalists are:

Harbour Asset Management


Pathfinder Asset Management


TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua

Best New Ethical Fund

The judges were looking for innovation in a fund launched over the past year. The large number of entries indicates the growth of ethical and impact investment in Aotearoa. While the judges welcomed the increased focus on funds investing in companies with a positive impact, the judges would have liked to have seen more evidence to substantiate ethical and impact claims. Overall, the entrants have demonstrated innovative approaches and are offering more options for retail investors. The finalists are:

Devon Global Impact Bond Fund

Devon Global Sustainability Fund

Harbour Sustainable Impact Fund

Russell Investments Sustainable Global Shares Fund

Best Impact Investment Fund

The judges were looking for an impact purpose, a rigorous framework for measurement and examples of tangible impact from entrants in this category. The strongest entries were those that were able to demonstrate a direct contribution to impact through their investment. Examples included climate solutions, affordable housing and contributions to community-level impact within Aotearoa. The finalists are:

Climate Venture Capital Fund

New Ground Capital/Homes for Tamariki

Purpose Capital Impact Fund

Te Puna Hapori/Brightlight

Best Net Zero and Climate Action Investor

The judges were impressed with the wider range of entries this year, signalling the growing commitment to climate action by investment funds. They looked for leadership in ambition and commitment, but also evidence of action and tangible results. Most entrants are still putting their plans in place and the judges look forward to seeing more evidence of outcomes in future years. The finalists are those with ambitious frameworks in place and tangible progress in emissions reductions:



New Zealand Superannuation Fund

Best Ethical Overseas fund

The judges were looking for the overseas investment funds, actively marketed within New Zealand, which are able to demonstrate the best ethical investment outcomes. There was an exceptionally strong field of entries. The finalists showed a mature approach and analytical rigour in their policies and practices, raising the bar for domestic funds. They add depth and diversity to the range of New Zealand funds on offer. The finalists are:

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund

BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF

Mirova Global Sustainable Equity Fund

Pengana WHEB Sustainable Impact Fund

Best Ethical Financial Adviser

Financial advice is important, not only for financial performance but also for enabling clients to confidently invest ethically. While the financial advice sector has been slow to embrace ethical investing, there are some standout exceptions, including the finalists in this category. They have demonstrated the integration of ethical investment into their advice processes and set good practice standards for the sector. We are seeing growing interest in ethical financial advice, driven by client demand, and we look forward to many more entries into this category next year. The finalists are:

Ethical Investing NZ

Money Matters

Rutherford Rede

Best Media Reporting on Ethical Investment

The judges were looking for excellence in coverage of ethical investment, resulting in greater awareness and deeper understanding. Financial literacy remains low in New Zealand and sustainable financial literacy is even lower. Education and engagement through the media are crucial and the judges would like to see many more entrants in future years. There were two particularly strong entries in this category, shortlisted as finalists:

John Berry with Stuff

Rob Stock with Stuff

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