The KiwiSaver scheme 'controversy-rating' all its investments

28th Oct. 2019

By Rob Stock in Stuff 28 October 2019 CareSaver uses Sustainalytics to help it avoid companies investing in industries its investors wish to avoid, such as tobacco, factory farming, controversial as well as civilian weapons, fossil fuels, gambling, and animal-testing. But it’s also using the Dutch company to give companies a controversy rating.

CareSaver, an ethical KiwiSaver scheme runs controversy ratings

The theory behind controversy ratings is that companies, whose actions have been courting controversy and a pattern of negative headlines in the media, may not be good long-term investments. Any company that scored a five on the controversy scale was an avoid, or immediate sell, says John Berry one of CareSaver’s founders.

Link: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/116970802/the-kiwisaver-scheme-controversyrating-all-its-investments