Baby Boomers just as interested in ethical investing as Millennials

20th Sept. 2019

An article in Stuff looks at how older New Zealanders (aged over 50) are more likely than average to expect their investments to be made responsibly and ethically by fund and KiwiSaver managers. They also say they’re more likely to choose the KiwiSaver provider they perceive is best on sustainability.

By Rob Stock published in Stuff on 19 September 2019

Older people deserve more credit for the rise of ethical investing

When it comes to ethical investing, the revolution is being driven by those with white hair as much as it is the young. However, both groups are still more likely to say they want to ethically invest than to actually do so. Fortunately, KiwiSaver providers are starting to wake up to what investors are saying they want with a growing level of ethics competition to meet their expectations.

Link: https://stuff.co.nz/business/115819073/older-people-deserve-more-credit-for-the-rise-of-ethical-investing