Seminar Series

Welcome to our second seminar series - bringing you insights from leading ethical fund managers, financial advisers, and international experts in sustainability and finance.

Making Money a Force for Good: Seminar and Podcast Series

Bringing you insights every two weeks from leading ethical fund managers, financial advisers, and international experts in sustainability and finance.

This series will cover: 

  • Climate Finance - How can you use your money help the climate? In the run-up to Climate Summit COP 26, climate and finance experts will discuss climate risk, climate solutions and net zero targets.
  • Community Housing - With New Zealand in a housing crisis, we discuss the role that finance can play in the provision of social housing, community housing and co-housing.
  • Animal Welfare - How can ethical investing can address concerns over animal cruelty, animal testing and factory farming?
  • Weapons - Most New Zealand investment funds now exclude weapons like nuclear arms and cluster bombs. Should financing them be prohibited? What about all military and civilian weapons?
  • Gender Investing -  Women are strongly supportive of ethical investment. What does women-oriented investing look like?
  • Modern Slavery - What is the role of ethical investing in addressing supply chain violations?
  • Investing with a te ao Māori worldview - Long term thinking and stewardship are not new to Māori leaders. However, there are challenges in bringing together ethical investing with Māori tikanga. This seminar will discuss lessons and good practice from leading practitioners.
  • Ethical and Impact Investing - Woven through the seminar series will be three educational seminars discussing ethical and impact investment basics for new investors and those still learning about ethical investment.

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Series 1: The Financing of a Net Zero Future:

The Financing of a Net Zero Future with Hon. James Shaw and Richard Curtis
Wednesday 20th of October at 7.30 pm

What role does finance have in order to reach the climate goals to prevent an environmental catastrophe? How can our money help us achieve net-zero emissions by 2050?

In the run-up to Climate Summit (COP 26), Barry Coates founder and CEO of Mindful Money welcomes climate and finance experts to talk about finance's role in climate change. In this seminar we hear from: Hon. James Shaw: Hon. James Shaw: Co-leader of the Green Party and Minister for Climate Change. Richard Curtis: Make My Money Matter campaign founder, activist, and filmmaker.


The Investing for Climate Action theme will continue with Seminars on 27 October, 4 November and 10 November. 

More to be announced soon..

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