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The Mindful Money Awards are an annual celebration of leadership in ethical and responsible investing.

The 2021 Awards Winners and Finalists

The Mindful Money Awards celebrate the role that ethical and impact investing are playing in making money a force for good. They reflect the growing movement to re-orient investment finance towards sustainability and well-being, providing solutions to the mounting crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality.

The Awards honour the funds and the individuals who are leading the movement to make responsible investing the new normal, and impact investing the progressive frontier. We congratulate the 2021 Winners and Finalists.

Best Ethical KiwiSaver Fund Provider

Winner: Pathfinder Asset Management

Pathfinder has raised the bar with its KiwiSaver funds, providing the public with opportunities to invest in sustainable themes such as renewable energy and access to water, and in impact companies that create social and environmental benefits. Pathfinder is a certified B Corp and the principals, John Berry and Paul Brownsey, have shown public leadership on ethical investment.

Finalists (in alphabetical order): Booster, Generate, Mercer, Simplicity.

Best Ethical Retail Investment Fund Provider

Winner: Harbour Asset Management

The judges were particularly impressed by Harbour’s strong research capability and analysis of Australian and New Zealand companies. They have demonstrated in-depth engagement with companies, with examples of how they have improved ESG performance.

Highly commended: Pathfinder Asset Management

The judges commended Pathfinder on its high standards, including comprehensive ethical screening, strong engagement to improve company ESG performance, and investment in companies with positive impacts.

Finalists: AMP Capital, Booster, Mercer.

Best New Ethical Fund 2021

Winner: Pathfinder Asset Management

Pathfinder has released several exciting new funds, including the Ethical Growth Fund. The fund avoids investments in companies that cause harm, practices active ownership, but invests in companies with positive impacts, such as solar energy, mental health, women’s livelihoods and social housing.

Finalists: Booster, Harbour, Mint.

Best Impact Investment Fund

Winner: Community Finance

The judges recognised the track record in finance for community housing that preceded the formation of Community Finance. The Salvation Army Community Bond was an innovative offering to finance 128 houses and apartments in Auckland, including mainstream financing from Generate KiwiSaver. This provided a model for the launch of the Aotearoa Pledge aiming to raise $100 million for social housing.

Highly commended: Impact Enterprise Fund

The Impact Enterprise has broken new ground as New Zealand’s first wholesale impact fund. They have put in place robust systems for finding prospective investments, working with them to help them become investible, and doing due diligence. They have put in the hard work to create a pipeline of prospects and are now building a strong portfolio.

Finalists: Purpose Capital, Soul Capital

Most Effective Investment Fund for Climate Action

There was a tie for this category. The judges were impressed by the potential of both of these funds but recognised they are both at an early stage in their development. So they have given two Highly Commended awards and look forward to their entries next year.

Highly commended: Climate Venture Capital Fund and New Zealand Green Investment Finance

The Climate Venture Capital Fund is a start-up fund that aims to accelerate the hugely important role of investment for climate solutions. The judges complimented Lance Wiggs, Rohan McMahon and the team for a well-designed fund, strong impact measures and exciting investment prospects.

The NZ GIF has a clear purpose and well-developed measures to assess the impact of investments. The judges look forward to seeing the fund become a catalyst for other investors as well as investing directly. The government has recently provided a vote of confidence by a fourfold increase in their capital.

Best Ethical Financial Adviser

Winner: Dr. Rodger Spiller from Money Matters

Rodger Spiller’s entry stood out for his strong research and thought leadership over many years. His approach is flexible and thorough to meet clients’ needs and aspirations.

Finalists: Ethical Investing NZ, Rutherford Rede.

Best Media Reporting on Ethical Investing

Winner: Rob Stock writing for Stuff

Rob Stock has consistently provided excellent articles on ethical and responsible investment issues over many years. He has undertaken new research and provided fresh perspectives to enable readers to take informed decisions about matching their investments with their ethics.

Highly commended: The Deleted documentary by Stuff Circuit

The judges were impressed by the in-depth research and investigation, exposing the violations of the rights of Uyghur people. The documentary-makers were innovative in their multi-media treatment and their follow up on the role of New Zealand funds and companies.

Finalists: Daniel Smith/Good Returns, John Berry in collaboration with Stuff.


The 2021 Mindful Money Awards took place on Tuesday 29th June at Grid AKL, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland. The event attracted over 200 attendees and consisted of a short conference before transitioning into the award presentations. Read a summary of the conference here and further commentary on the awards themselves here.

4:00pm Karakia & Welcome, Barry Coates, Founder and CEO of Mindful Money

4:10pm Keynote Address, Adrian Orr, Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand

4.25pm 2nd Keynote Address, Hon James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change

4:40pm Panel: Solutions for the climate emergency – the role of investment

  • Rod Carr – Chair of the Climate Commission
  • Bridget Coates – Co-Chair of Centre for Sustainable Finance
  • Rod Oram – Business journalist
  • Erica Finnie – Executive Director of 350 Aotearoa

5:10pm Introducing the Awards: Responsible investment comes of age - Barry Coates, Founder and CEO, Mindful Money

5:20pm Mindful Money Awards presentation ceremony - te Radar, MC

6:10pm Closing remarks and Networking drinks (drinks and canapés provided)

7:30pm End of event

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