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Is KiwiSaver still important in the age of lifelong renters

Tue Dec. 31st 2019

By Alice Webb-Liddell in the Spinoff

19 December 2019

KiwiSaver can also be an easy way to stage a small-scale protest write Alice Webb-Liddall for the Spinoff, who found it surprising to learn that many KiwiSaver funds invest in areas like fossil fuels, weaponry and human rights abuses.

KiwiSaver doesn’t just matter for retirement. It doesn’t just matter for buying a house. It matters for the planet, too. If people are unaware of the destruction their money is, in a small part, making to the earth, businesses will keep pretending it’s all fine. But just with my KiwiSaver, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

Engaging with KiwiSaver early, even if only in a small way, can dramatically impact the things you’ll be able to do in your retirement, and if it’s something you’re wanting to do, can take a huge amount of stress off when you’re scraping together a first home deposit.